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What is the Bash? The Variety Bash started as a drive in the outback with a few mates. In 1985, Adventurer Dick Smith took a group of intrepid motorists from Bourke to Bourketown in their old cars, raising money for charity along the way.


All of the money raised went to the Variety Club of Australia to further its support of sick, disabled or disadvantaged children. The Bash has been staged by the Variety Club since 1985 and the spirit of the original idea has been retained. Every entrant has to raise a sum of money for Variety and all vehicles must be 30 years old or older at the time of entry and be non performance modified.

The Bash is not a race, rally or speed trial. The single most significant rule of the Bash is to relax and enjoy the event away from everyday pressures, while seeing and experiencing the splendour of the Australian Outback.


Who Can Take Part? Entry into the Bash is limited to those who have enough cunning, resolve, determination and intelligence to persuade Sponsors, family and friends to come up with a suitable amount of donations made payable to Variety Queensland – the children's charity.

You can help the Special Children of Queensland by becoming a Sponsor of a Bash entry or by simply making a donation to Variety. Sponsors can be small or large businesses, friends or relatives. All Sponsorship donations made payable to Variety Queensland will receive official receipts. There can be tax benefits for sponsors of Bash vehicles.


Why Do We Have the Bash? The Bash is staged by Variety Queensland – the children's charity to raise funds to assist in bringing about an improved quality of life for special children in Queensland. Since the Bash started in Queensland in 1990, in excess of $9 million has been raised, which has been used to make dreams come true for special children.


Where Does the Money Go? During the Bash, Variety makes donations of equipment or facilities to many local communities. Bash organisers use local community groups wherever possible to provide the catering for Bash participants, by helping them to raise funds for children in the area. Donations made to Variety Queensland are spent within the year they are donated and the proceeds are all spent throughout Queensland. Funds are used to purchase equipment, facilities or tangible items which directly benefit the recipient. An Appeals Committee assesses each individual request for assistance.

10 Years Strong !


The Bash team members are operational fire fighters, volunteering their time to raise funds to enter into this year’s Variety Bash in a decommissioned fire appliance, which was donated to Variety Queensland from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service. During the Bash we visit a number of schools and youth clubs and carry out fire awareness and safety.


In 2015 Variety raised $1.1 million on this year’s Bash for the disadvantaged kids of Queensland, and as an individual team, OV Fire raised over $15 000. Very pleased with this effort again. I would once again like to thank, OV Fire, the Bash team and their families, our sponsors and supporters and finally Mackay and Emerald Fire Stations for putting us up with a comfy bed for a night.

Queensland Flood Crisis

Variety Queensland

Helps in the big clean up!

As floods had devastated parts of Queensland Variety kindly donated OVFIRE to help out in the community in a time of need.

QFRS has taken up the offer of Variety
and is doing official QFRS business, manned by QFRS Fire Fighters led by Trevor Jarvis the crew hit the streets of Brisbane and helped with the big clean up, Trevor also helps with raising funds for the Variety Bash.

The crew spent days around Brisbane helping with wash downs and pump outs.

Below are just a few images none of which can show you the true and utter devastation that many communities suffered.






If you or your company can provide any support and or possible sponsorship to assist us in our quest to raise the required funds to enter this event, and carry out our endeavor to assist the above mentioned children to help with their special requirements Please do not hesitate to contact David Lloyd on Mobile: 0404 087 916, if you require any further information, or are able to assist in any way possible.



2015 Bash Images




28th November 2013


OVFIRE awarded the


for raising just on $15,000 to $24,999




5th November 2012

OVFIRE awarded the


for raising just on $22,000






In total, all the bashers raised a great $1.2 million dollars for the disabled and disadvantaged children of Queensland. This is a big effort after the financial trouble the country was in. Well done all.

Please support our sponsers , they support us!

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