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OVFIRE is a Brisbane Queensland entrant in Variety Children's Charity Bash

events that helps raise funds for sick children


PLEASE take the time to help those that help us, at the bottom of this site is a list of our sponsors, shop with them!

The 2014 XXXX Variety Bash (Brisbane to Sydney) was another great success to raise much needed funds for the disadvantaged children of Queensland. Also another successful trip for OV Fire. All combined, Variety Queensland raised $1.41 million (great effort) and OV Fire contributed $21 000.00. I would like to personally thank everybody involved that helped OV Fire raise this amount of money for Variety Queensland, the Children’s Charity. And to all our sponsors that gave us the much needed help to prepare OV Fire, so we could actually go on the bash. Without your help and support, it would not be possible to be part of this event that brings so much help and pleasure to the communities that we visit.

The bash this year, again went through some magnificent country side and some great small communities. The roads or the so called roads, seemed to be a bit rougher this year. The old girl (OV Fire) handled it well and the only issue we had, was we blew two tyres. One of the front steer tyres blew out while we were doing about 95km/h on a dirt road and it went with no warning. I am sure a few choice explicates were yelled out from all of us. Clive was driving at the time and he handled the drama so well, coming slowly and safely to a stop. It could have been devastating if he didn’t keep his cool (thanks Clive). Only half way through the bash and we had no spares tyres left. A big thanks to Bridgestone who came to our aid and got us two tyres shipped up from Sydney to their Dubbo store.

Again, just like every year to date, it was an eventful 10 day trek. Every day was different and so enjoyable. Some days we had official duties and other days we followed the field and helped where we could. This year I won’t bore you with the day to day activities (only because I lost my notes with all the places we visited and everything we had done). But the main thing, OV Fire was not used again in its official capacity as an operational fire appliance so everyone had a safe bash.

The start of this year’s bash was held at Suncorp Stadium with both Queensland and New South Wales Variety Bash starting together side by side. This year was a National Bash where all Australian States and Territories of Variety Bash ended up in Sydney at one time. Wow, what a sight that was! I don’t know the stats, but there had to be around 500 Bash cars all in the same place at Alliance Stadium. Nationally Variety raised a huge $7.1 Million.



Day 1 – Brisbane via Nobby to Millmerran




Day 2 – Millmerran via Moonie to St George




Day 3 – St George to Wandilla Station



Day 4 – Wandilla Station via Wanaaring to Bourke




Day 5 – Bourke via Tilpa to Cobar



Day 6 – Cobar Via Tottenham to Narromine



Day 7 – Narromine to Dubbo



Day 8 – Dubbo via Molong to Bathurst



Day 9 – Bathurst to Sydney


Day 10 – Sydney




The last words for this year.

Another fantastic year for Variety Queensland and the children that will be helped with all the funds raised. Thanks to all that helped us participate and be part of the fun that is the XXXX Variety Bash, family, friends, sponsors and all the very generous people that donated to a great cause.

Also another successful year for OV FIRE. Time to stand her down for another year, but OV FIRE will be back next year for the 10th time of doing the bash.

Thanks to all, see you next year ☺


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